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Laugo Arm Alien Lightweight basepad

Laugo Arm Alien Lightweight basepad

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Cortech Armory - Lightweight magazine basepad .321oz

This lightweight baseplate is designed to help make weight in IDPA major matches (CO limit is 45oz). With weapon mounted lights, red dots, and grip tape, the Alien can reach the weight limit quick. This basepad weighs in at .321oz +/- .003oz and the OEM basepad weighs in at 1.141oz, giving a weight saving of .82oz +/-.003oz. The OEM magazine locking plate is needed for the use of this basepad.


  • .82oz weight saving +/-.003oz
  • Materials: Carbon Fiber mixed polymer
  • Fits OEM magwell
  • Fits Cortech magwells
  • Adds 0 capacity

Magazine not included


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